Social Media Advertising

OMG... #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt!

Let's start this discussion with today's most popular social platform, TikTok. For those who don't understand it, Tik Tok is a short-form video platform that allows creators to upload content up to ten minutes in length.

It's like YouTube Shorts meets Twitter.

Users scroll from one video to the next with the ability to like the video by tapping a little heart on the screen. They can also follow the creator. When you follow a creator, they end up on what is known as the for you page.

There's one other critical button. Down at the very bottom is a little share button that will allow users to share the content. You can send the video to your friends through the TikTok app, via text message, and you can even download the videos to share later. If you find something that goes "viral," it can be liked and shared millions of times and have thousands of comments from the viewers.

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